Blockchain For Good is a think tank which brings together the greatest minds around the world to explore and debate the development of blockchain, for the greater good of humanity, society, economy and our environment.


BLOCKCHAIN FOR GOOD (BC4G) is run by C├ęcile Baird and Jens Albers.

If you would like to discuss participating or organising a roundtable with us, or need to support with your project, please contact: cecile@blockchainforgood.com


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA was moderated by Cecile Baird and co-hosted with Nancy Christiano, philanthropic advisor


Special thank you to our attendees for such an enriching & insightful conversation! 

Alex Gladstein | Human Rights Foundation

Amber Brandner | AbsoluteSUM

Andy and Lane  Bishop  | Film-makers & Producers 

Brian Mclafferty |   CMO Evident Proof

Brian Boros  | CTO Wuji

Dan Mapes   |  CEO Verses.io

Hans Lombardo  | BlockPass

Heather Von Dillenburg   | co-Founder Good Karma Movement

Herb Stephens | CFO Democracy Earth

James Waterman   |  Singular University

John Evey   |  Cavendish Impact Capital

Lee Beauregard    |   Investor

Mike Nozzarella    |   Tarbox Family Office

Rachel Payne  | FEM INC & former Democratic candidate for California

Richard Striive | CEO Yovo

Sarah Maxwell   | Good Karma Movement 

Sharon  Burns |   Chicago Blockchain Project 

Stephen Cutter | CEO Wuji

Steve Beauregard   | CEO Bloq 

Tom Houston | Carbon Credits Expert

also team members of 21Crypto, AChain, BIGA, and Shapeshifters.  


LONDON 2016: special thanks to the attendees of our Blockchain For Good London roundtable:

Chair: Sian Jones. European Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Forum (EDCAB)


Jessi Baker . Provenance

Charlene Chen . BitPesa

Jocelyn Cheng . Global Innovation Fund

Rhodri Davies . Charities Aid Foundation

Nick Davies . UK Government Department of Work & Pensions

Martin Glasspoole . UK Government Office for Science

Dr. Robert Learney . Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering

Genevieve Leveille . Agriledger

Marcus O' Dair . Middlesex University

Daniele Orner Ginor .  Safe Haven Project

Peter Wells . Open Data Institute

Jonathan Hargreaves . Edelman

Simon Chan . Edelman


SAN FRANCISCO : special thanks to the attendees of the San Francisco discussion:

Chair: Sian Jones. European Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Forum (EDCAB)

Blockstream . Eric Martindale

Blockstream . Johnny Dilley

Center for Progressive Renewal . Cameron Trimble

Decentrl - Jens Albers

Chronicled . Rebecca Migirov

Chronicled . Sean Medcalf

Consensys - Gnosis . Martin Koppelmann

Hyperledger . Brian Behlendorf

ID2020 . Dakota Gruener

Noodle . Stephen Pratt

Plug'n'Play . Scott Robinson

R3 - Wells Fargo . Michael Dowling

Ripple . Wellington Scully

Seyfarth Legal . Ameena Majid

Sofi . Michael Tannenbaum

Stop The Traffik . Neil Giles

Stop The Traffik . Ruth Dearnley

Jonathan Hargreaves . Edelman

Simon Chan . Edelman