Humanising The Blockchain


“But where is the money going?"

In 2018, the crypto community has invested $6.3 Billion USD into blockchain startups through ICOs. Other than generating personal wealth, personal trading profit, how many of these projects really effect a positive change to society?

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Cecile Baird
Crypto Utopia? Defining the Greater Good in a Blockchain World

Defining 'good' in an age of new value

We are living in a world where ‘for good’ has become zeitgeist and is often interpreted as 'social good'. However to set the scene of the discussion it is really important to note that 'for good' is not limited to non-profit activities or the third sector.

There are incredibly varied views of what 'for good' means – for creative industries, it is transparency and fair distribution of royalties; for refugees, it is establishing or protecting identity; for charities, it is about accountability; and for government, it is about delivering better services to the public.

But what was interesting is the commonality between the interpretations of 'for good' – the notion of creating new value, under a framework of ethics and clear moral intentions. When considering how blockchain can be used for good, it is important that we look at its relationship with creating new value.

Businesses that will continue to thrive tomorrow, will be those with a clear purpose underpinned by a commitment that balances the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet.

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Cecile Baird
Dear Humans, stop the traffik

Blockchain For Good and STOP THE TRAFFIK is forming a coalition to harness the power of people and emerging technologies such as blockchain to shine a light on modern slavery and generate systemic disruption at all levels.

Modern slavery is a hugely profitable industry with very low risk; its perpetrators are rarely brought to justice. What’s more, unlike a drug or a gun that has a one-off or limited use, people - men, women and children – can be exploited and abused day in, day out, for years. And it could happen to anyone, in any community in the world…. in any industry, in any supply chain, for any brand that you or I consume. In fact, it would not be presumptuous to assume that you are probably wearing something right now that has been tainted by modern slavery. 

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Master Ledger 2077: A Blockchain Blockbuster

What would life look like if blockchain underpinned our society, businesses, and government, in the same way the internet transformed our lives?

In Blockchain For Good's first blog, Simon Chan, founding partner of Blockchain For Good, imagines Chicago in 2077. It's an efficient, prosperous and secure society where all interactions and transactions are recorded on a Master Ledger. However when his heroine, Caroline, witnesses a kidnapping, she discovers a hidden side to this seemingly utopic world. 




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