Humanising The Blockchain




Blockchain For Good: Crypto Utopia? Defining the Greater Good in a Blockchain World

Read our latest article in CoinDesk. In this opinion piece, we argue that we need a duty of care today, for a humanised blockchain future tomorrow. We summarise our key messages from our larger report on a Blockchain utopia... and dystopia. 

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Blockchain For Good: Preventing modern slavery in the supply chain

Blockchain for Good (BC4G) and STOP THE TRAFFIK is forming a coalition to harness the power of people and emerging technologies such as blockchain to shine a light on modern slavery and generate systemic disruption at all levels.

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Blockchain For Good: How blockchain can transform the fashion industry

Look out for our article in arts magazine Faux Pas on “How blockchain can transform the fashion industry” coming out in April and available in bookstores in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Blockchain For Good: blogs launch on Huffington Post Tech  

Blockchain For Good (BC4G) has launched its first blog on the Huffington Post Tech. In our first blog, Simon Chan, founding partner of Blockchain For Good, imagines Chicago in 2077. It's an efficient, prosperous and secure society where all interactions and transactions are recorded on a Master Ledger. However when his heroine, Caroline, witnesses a kidnapping, she discovers a hidden side to this seemingly utopic world... continue reading here ... to keep track of upcoming blogs follow us on Twitter at BC4G_org